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    “And it came to pass after this, that Joash was minded to repair the house of the Lord.” 2 Chronicles 24:4    The subject of chapter 24 in 2 Chronicles is centered around the heart of Joash. We see him expressing his concern for godly things and as he was led by the Spirit he developed a plan to repair the Temple after Athaliah wrecked it during her rebellious stint as queen. Joash barely escaped with his life and would have been a victim had it not been for the priest Jehoiada hiding him in the house of God until he was seven years old.

   When he reached adulthood and began to see the vision God had for him and for the kingdom. This vision to repair brought about a choice for Joash to believe or not believe in God’s direction. In life God will open up visions for us in pour individual lives, families and church family. The question is do we believe in the vision to act on it? The word minded in verse 4 means “consent of the heart.” Have we consented in our heart to follow God’s plan?

   The next step is to unite the people under the leading of God. Not everyone will be on board when it comes to following God. We must pursue God and His vision regardless if we must walk alone. Those that join in following God will be an encouragement to us and we can become an encouragement to them. Just as Nehemiah and the people built the walls of Jerusalem in unity we must work together with other believers under the direction of God.

   The king then placed a chest near the house of God and encouraged the people to give in order to repair the temple. Each person was to pray and honor God’s leadership in what to commit to the work. Just as they were convicted to sacrifice we are convicted today. What sacrifice are we making for the kingdom of God? I’m not just talking about money but how much of our time and energy are we giving to God? Are we more concerned about our affairs than God’s plan for us? We must consider how committed we are to His plan.

   Finally, we must trust God will do His part. If He gives the vision and we embrace it there is no doubt He will perform exactly what is needed. God will never lead us astray nor will He fail in anything He has promised.

   Capture His vision and lock in expecting great things from an amazing God!